Climbing Mount Katahdin

On July 11, 2015, Gardner Photography conquered Mount Katahdin, armed with a Canon 60D.  This was the result.

Our journey to the summit of Mount Katahdin was completed via the Hunt Trail, and what is considered to be the last stretch of the famous Appalachian Trail.  It was a beautiful day and an amazing experience.

SaintJohn365 Bids You Adieu

For the past year I have committed to a Photo365 project that saw me take one photograph each day for a year.  The subject was Canada’s oldest incorporated city, Saint John, and it’s surrounding area.  The goal of the project was to share a glimpse of the historical and geological treasures linked to this significant Port City, on the coast of the highest tides in the world.

GardnerPhotography-186 (2)

The project, which was published via blog along with commentary, concluded on June 30, 2015.  It garnered hits from around the world and even some attention from CBC New Brunswick:

The Infamous Mobb Deep

Hip-hop heads in Fredericton, New Brunswick on November 15, 2014 were blessed with a rare treat.  Rap legends ‘Mobb Deep,’ hailing from the largest public housing projects in North America, Queensbridge, blessed the makeshift stage at Klub Khrome.  When Prodigy stepped on the stage he joked, ‘We may have a small stage up here, but we are about to do big things.’  And, they did, banging off hit after hit from the mid 1990s to today.  The hip-hop duo consisting of Havoc and Prodigy have sold millions of records in their career, and are known for their hardcore, East-Coast style of rap and lyrical depictions of ‘street-life.’  The group was also involved in the famous ‘East Coast versus West Coast’ rap rivalry, at least on wax.

Of course Gardner Photography was on hand to capture some of the action at this stop along Mobb Deep’s 20th Anniversary Tour, a show made possible by the folks at Jayo Productions & 902 Nonstop Records.  Opening that night were several local performers, including S.E., Phakt, City Natives, MDB and more, with music by DJ Slim.

902 Nonstop Records Facebook Page –

Mobb Deep reflecting on ‘The Infamous’ album at SXSW this year –