Farewell East Coast

Big changes are coming for ‘Gardner Photography’ in the near future. A major move is being made from New Brunswick to Alberta in six weeks. The heart of Gardner Photography will always remain on the East Coast of Canada where it was started and I certainly hope you will all remain engaged with new portraits, adventures, events, and concerts that I am able to capture across our great nation, as the transition occurs.

The 2014-2015 year saw Gardner Photography engage in a project entitled SaintJohn365, that garnered attention from around the world and received some local media coverage. The point of the project was to reveal and promote our many hidden geological and historical treasures that lie in and around Canada’s oldest incorporated city. It also aimed to encourage New Brunswickers to take time out of their busy lives to get out and ‪#‎ExploreNB‬, to ‘be tourists in their own province,’ a province that would benefit a great deal from greater investment in the tourism sector. It truly is a hidden Canadian gem. In 2016-2017, the site will come back to life under a new domain name: OhCanada365.com with the same goals in mind, but will be expanded to encompass the cross-country journey that awaits, as a means of sharing the great Canadian images I am seeking with my fans. Be sure to subscribe and let me know what you think of the project as it unfolds, and just to stay in touch in general. All previous photographs published by Gardner Photography under ‘SaintJohn365’ will still be accessible on the site as well.

Payment for honing the craft of photography, which I love, has exceeded my expectations and goes beyond only monetary value. Throughout my career, wielding my cameras, first a Sony and more recently a Canon, has also improved other aspects of my persona and life, and has led to many great experiences. For example, as I was growing up and even now, hip-hop music became very important to me. Getting involved with the hip-hop scene has led to the creation of lifelong friendships with some amazing people. I have to send thanks out to PHAKT and Jarrod Thomas aka Monark for being among the first guinea pigs I experimented photographically with and groups like Three Sheet and FIRST WORDS for being among the first concerts I took my camera out to, when I was still learning many things. Years later, Phakt drops a new album in 2016 which features photographs exclusively by Gardner Photography. Family! Beyond these guys, Dwayne Marcial and Stephen Campbell were among some of the first local promoters to get me out to other shows and what it all led to was a spiral of events that allowed me to meet, speak and photograph some amazing artists I have always looked up to. Some of the artists I have had a pleasure of meeting and photographing include; Three 6 Mafia, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony,Ghostface Killah, Three Sheet, Phakt, Monark, First Words, Pharoahe Monch, Slaughterhouse, Ceeb Dread, Jay Vernon, Something Good,Quake Matthews, SonReal, Skratch Bastid, R$ $mooth / RS Smooth,Napz Meka Ikejiani, Nostic, Marc ‘Miracle’ Cromwell, City Natives,Freddie Gibbs, Nfp Kirk Thoma, Mobb Deep, Masta Ace, The Pharcyde,2 Live Crew, Aldean A. Cromwell, Stricklin, Cash Dough, Royce da 5’9″,Naughty By Nature and many more. Sorry if I forgot anyone. To everyone involved in making these things happen, thank you, and I look forward to taking the skills I learned to new levels and venues.

Over the years Gardner Photography had the pleasure of being involved in many events, social gatherings, banquets, concerts, weddings, engagements, portraits etc. in New Brunswick.  I truly appreciate everyone who has shared and contracted out my services. A shout out goes to Chantel Ford for getting me involved in some photography with UNBSU Fredericton which were all great learning experiences, and Lansky for recognizing the passion I had and getting me involved in some events that got my name out there in the local area a little more, before I had even mastered the craft yet. It has left a lasting impression on my life and has helped me learn and get to where I am today. Every wedding I shoot seems to turn out even more beautiful than the last, even if that seems nearly impossible, and I am so grateful for all the gorgeous brides that believed in me thus far.

A big thank you to the promoters, families, couples and individuals that have sought out Gardner Photography, for pushing me to invest more into an art-form I am passionate about. Thank you to Discover Saint John – Découvrez Saint John, Uptown Saint John, New Brunswick / Nouveau-Brunswick, Canada Keep Exploring, New Brunswick Photography, CBC New Brunswick and any other platform that was kind enough to share my images of this beautiful province with their fans in recent days. I love every aspect of photography from capturing amazing memories to the truly artistic and abstract forms, and now even experimenting with videography, and will continue to engage with that love as I head out on my new journey. To the East Coast, I will truly miss you and life next to the world’s highest tides, and I will certainly always return to visit.

With only six weeks remaining before I leave, and one wedding booked in PEI on July 30, for any of my fellow southern New Brunswickers interested in an outdoor individual or family shoot with Gardner Photography, I will be dropping my price from $75 to $60 if you book between now and the end of July. You will receive between 15-20 gorgeous, HD images. You WILL NOT be disappointed, and I certainly look forward to hearing from you.

Christopher Gardner

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