A ‘Photo365’ Project


Recently Gardner Photography has elected to begin a ‘Photo365’ or Photo-a-Day project celebrating Canada’s oldest incorporated city, during the country’s 147th year since Confederation.  To find out more about why this topic was chosen and explore beautiful photographs of the historic city of Saint John, New Brunswick, visit the blog online @ http://SaintJohn365.com.  If you would like to receive one professional photograph of the city and it’s immediate surrounding area (which includes many ideas for day-trips and places to visit) delivered directly to your email each day, subscribe to ‘SaintJohn365’ on the website.  Please feel free to leave comments, feedback and share with friends and family that may have an interest in Canadian history, and the first incorporated city of the Dominion.


One thought on “A ‘Photo365’ Project”

  1. Thanks for the 365 pictures. I have really enjoyed them. I haven’t lived there for a long time and the city has changed somewhat. Some of the places have changed so I appreciated the commentary with each shot.

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